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MyCouncil Services is available for all council customers to conduct their business online conveniently and efficiently
24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Guest users

As a guest user you can:

·          view basic information on properties within the area

·          pay your accounts using a credit card (for example rates, debtors, licences)

·          change your rate notice delivery method.

To proceed as a guest user, choose an option from the menu on the left.

Verified MyCouncil personal users

As a verified user in MyCouncil users have access to more features in MyCouncil Services where you can:

·          choose to receive your rates notice by email

·          submit and track progress of a service request

·          view your outstanding rates balance for your property

·          view your land/property details, such as legal description

·          view details of your registered animals, and register new animals

·          submit and track applications, such as property searches and certificates

·          make payments.

Verified MyCouncil business users

As a verified user for a business, customers can act on behalf of the business to:

·          submit and track applications, such as building applications (private certifiers only) or development applications

·          submit and track progress of a service request

·          make payments.

MyCouncil Services is constantly being reviewed and new functionality is made available for users regularly. If you have any questions or would like some assistance, please refer to our FAQs or complete the online form.

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